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on January 10, 2009 at 9:14:10 pm


Isrealis Vs Egyptians 1967


As this was our first game in a while we started with meeting engagement


2000 pts, 8 Turns Meeting Engagement, Victory determied by the first to break


The table:-






Qty Troops


1 CO (CV10)
3 HQ (CV9)
1 FAO (CV7)
10 Infantry Unit (Regulars)
2 Support Unit (RR, 105mm, 4x4s)
7 Tank Unit (M48 Magach, 90mm)
1 ATGW Unit (SS11, M3 ½-Track)
1 Artillery Unit (120mm Mortar)
1 Aircraft Unit (Mystère IV)
5 Transport Unit (M3 ½-Track)


Break Point 12




Qty Troops


1 CO (CV9)
2 HQ (CV8)
1 FAO (CV7)
1 Recce Unit (4x4s)
1 Recce Unit (PT-76)
7 Infantry Unit (Conscripts)
7 Infantry Upgrade (M20 Bazooka)
3 Support Unit (Mortar, 81mm)
6 Tank Unit (T-34/85)
3 Tank Unit (T-54/55)
3 Tank Unit (T-10)
2 ATGW Unit (AT-1 Snapper, 4x4s)
1 Artillery Unit (152mm)
3 Transport Unit (BTR-152)


Break Point 15 


Turn 1




Both sides roll on to the table, one small group of the Israeli battleforce including the SS-11 are deployed on the opposite side of the river. The turn is relatively uneventful with only one surprising kill of a T34 by an M48 at extreme range. One of the Egyptian commanders fails his command roll and roughly a third of the Egyptian force fails to appear.



Turn 2




Israeli halftracks zoom toward the building in the centre of the table, worryingly the Commander fails his roll and troops fail to get out of the haltracks leaving them woefully exposed! One suffered the combined fire of two T34’s and an AT1 Snapper there were many casualties.




This group of Egyptian 81mm Mortars proved to be the Israeli’s bane, deployed on this hill they rained down death on exposed units turn after turn. An exposed RR on a 4x4 was this first to feel their wrath. Just to the side the Mystere IV can be seen missing an airstrike on them by a wide margin.




At this point the casualties were roughly 3-4 a side.



Turn 3




An Egyptian Recce unit mounted in 4x4’s spots the advancing M48’s




T34’s and T54’s supported by AT1 Snappers and Infantry lurk behind a building keeping out of LOS.



Turn 4




Charge! The Group rushes out from behind the building and opens up on the Israeli half tracks and 4x4’s, again there are many casualties, at this point worryingly the Egyptians have a clear lead in the casualties caused. One halftrack is obliterated by an Egyptian Bazooka




The M48’s and SS11 move toward the Egyptian mortars, after a bout of firing one is removed and the others are suppressed. On their next action the mortars flee behind the cover of the hill.



Turn 5




In perhaps the defining moment of the game a lone Egyptian infantry stand charges across a third of the board mowing down Israeli infantry stands deployed around a farmhouse.




He does not however survive the turn and the tides starts to turn when the centre Egyptian battlegroup is wiped out to a man by the Combined firepower of the M48’s, Mystere IV and an 120mm Mortar Strike, the building a large group of infantry are hiding is brought down around there ears!


The last third of the Egyptian battlegroup finally makes it up the board after many failed command rolls, they roll into the jaws of the waiting M48’s exchanging fire. Three T34’s and a T10 are left burning for the loss of one M48. The T10 accounted for by a flank shot from the SS11.


At this point the Israelis are one off their break point of 12 whilst after a devastating turn for the Egyptians they are 2 past their point of 15.



Turn 6


It’s all over after the Egyptian commander fails to inspire his troops rolls a double six for his break test. An Israeli Victory.




Some thoughts on the battle:-


By his own admission the Egyptian player realised he should have deployed smoke to cover his tanks advance, outranged by the M48’s casualties could have been avoided.


Mortars, called in using the LOS of an HQ stand can be devastating on infantry in the open.


RR’s on 4x4’s have a devastating amount of firepower for their size however are very vulnerable.


Israeli M48’s are really really good!




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