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Saved by Alan Luke
on January 10, 2009 at 8:11:42 pm


Isrealis Vs Egyptians 1967


 As this was our first game in a while we started with meeting engagement


2000 pts, 8 Turns Meeting Engagement, Victory determied by the first to braek


The table:-




Israeli Force as follows:-


Qty Troops


1 CO (CV10)
3 HQ (CV9)
1 FAO (CV7)
10 Infantry Unit (Regulars)
2 Support Unit (RR, 105mm, 4x4s)
7 Tank Unit (M48 Magach, 90mm)
1 ATGW Unit (SS11, M3 ½-Track)
1 Artillery Unit (120mm Mortar)
1 Aircraft Unit (Mystère IV)
5 Transport Unit (M3 ½-Track)




Qty Troops


1 CO (CV9)
2 HQ (CV8)
1 FAO (CV7)
1 Recce Unit (4x4s)
1 Recce Unit (PT-76)
7 Infantry Unit (Conscripts)
7 Infantry Upgrade (M20 Bazooka)
3 Support Unit (Mortar, 81mm)
6 Tank Unit (T-34/85)
3 Tank Unit (T-54/55)
3 Tank Unit (T-10)
2 ATGW Unit (AT-1 Snapper, 4x4s)
1 Artillery Unit (152mm)
3 Transport Unit (BTR-152)




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